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Mexico Brands Country-Brand New-Business-Opportunities The-Fashion-Industry Export-Opportunities International-Commerce



to give form to, to make, to do, to adapt


ProMéxico ‘Negocios’: “The fashion industry is a paradise for investors, a strategic tool for building country brand (Marca País) and a powerful engine for wealth creation in a nation’s economy.”

‘Excelsior/R.S.V.P’: An industry to be forged. “The capital markets have understood that brands are the new oil, and for that reason more and more people are deciding to invest.”

‘El Financiero’: “Made in Mexico is not internationally associated with a single word, unless that word is cheap; But cheap is no longer a competitive advantage.”

Fashioning OAXACA

in collaboration with

  • the Secretary of the Economy and
  • the Bureau of Conventions and Visitors of the State Government of OAXACA.


Country Brand is the national identity made tangible. It is the most valuable asset a country can have and is the key to translating intangible wealth into economic growth. The strength of a Country Brand is rooted mainly in its international reputation. The goal of a good reputation is to inspire confidence as international consumers increasingly buy branded products from countries they trust.
Trust has become a competitive advantage.

Fashioning MEXICO aims to execute a country brand strategy through the fashion sector with a methodology that includes, initially, the improvement of the sector’s skills by aligning current practices with global best practices to create a reputation that inspires confidence and establishes credibility in the global market sector.

The Fashion Industry, although considered ephemeral by many, is actually an empire that moves billions of dollars a month globally, with an overall economic impact of approximately 3 trillion dollars a year.

Fashion is also a powerful identity and change tool that conveys value, builds trust and is associated with innovation. A well-positioned fashion brand is a strategic ambassador and an asset to the economy by providing credibility, differentiation and specialization.

Fashioning MÉXICO seeks to lay the foundations for the creation of a multidisciplinary support system that potentiates the construction of an infrastructure of Mexican brands and that supports the resulting demand in both the domestic and global markets.

The Trump effect has not been lost on the fashion industry. In the same way that the president of the United States seeks to protect his industries and his human capital, we must promote ours, both human and intellectual, to consolidate the fashion sector in Mexico, not only as a way to strengthen our identity and our values but, at the same time, to achieve remarkable growth in the sector, provide a boost to all the actors involved and to catapult Mexico internationally.

Fashioning MÉXICO aims to articulate a model to integrate, strengthen and empower the fashion industry, and put forward a strategic operational plan for the medium and long term.

The national creative asset which we can count upon is undeniable, but basing our value solely on talent is a fragile, vulnerable and uncompetitive proposal because talent exists in all countries.

Fashioning MÉXICO aims to be a force for unification, taking full advantage of Mexico’s unique national attributes, adding value and utilising all possible tools available to detonate the full potential of the Mexican creative asset in a structured way. Thereby aligning Mexico with France, Italy, the United States, Japan and England as leaders in global fashion design. And further detonating the creation of brands whilst positioning them as job-generating businesses, economic surplus, and sources of pride, motivation and national identity.

Do you care to add your voice?

We invite you to join the strategic plan that Fashioning MEXICO is executing.[/ Lead] If you consider that your company, regardless of its size, number of employees, trajectory or sales, could benefit in some way and at any level of the consolidation of a fashion system, the commercial detonation of the industry as a whole and the strengthening of Mexico’s positioning globally, we invite you to join us and add your voice.

If you have questions or require more information, you can write to us at 

Participants to date:


    We thank you in advance for your participation and support for this initiative from Mexico and for Mexico.

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    Who we are

    We are a multicultural and multilingual team, experts in the creation and development of fashion and luxury brands.

    We have:

    • More than 22 years in the international fashion industry.
    • A networking of experts, leaders and key actors of the sector at a global level.
    • Access to potential clients, governments, investors, partners and strategic allies.
    • Local knowledge of key markets.
    • Expertise in bilateral trade, international branding and in the development of Country Brand strategies through the fashion and related industries.
    • Fashioning MEXICO is an initiative that begins with our collective responsibility to continue building Mexico.

    • Fashioning MEXICO is a structured and determined effort to support the detonation of one of the sectors with the greatest potential and undeniable socio-cultural value.

    • Fashioning MEXICO is the route that can lead us to catapult all of the possibilities that fashion has, as a company, as a cultural asset, as a social responsibility and as an enabler to put Mexico on the global map of innovation and social impact.


    The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building [fashioning] the new

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